Work Hard

Gabriela - Katy, Texas
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

In junior high my grades weren’t really my priority but naturally I got mostly A’s and unusually B’s in all of my classes. School was so easy that I rarely studied for tests and I did all of my homework within 15 minutes. Before I realized it, 8th grade was over and in 3 short months my first year of high school was about to begin. August came and I had it in my head that 9th grade was just a continuation junior high. The first 2 week s of 9th grade was almost as easy as junior high so I quickly put my lazy mode on. Soon, I found out that the beginning of every year were just getting organized and getting used to the new schedules.

I had to start working for my grades, studying for tests and spending more time on my homework. Even though I had a list of things I would of rather done than homework and studying I had to focus and make sure I didn’t slack off. All the way to my junior year, I still had yet to see a C on any of my report cards. I put my priorities in order and school was first on the list. We had our junior meeting about college and that’s when I really opened my eyes. College was coming a lot sooner that I thought and preparing for it started my junior year when I thought I could do it last minute my senior year. Up until then I hadn’t really understood the reason of working so hard in high school, but then I saw that in order to get accepted to college, my grades in high school was the one thing that truly mattered. I really had no idea where I wanted to go so I planned a couple of trips and visited a couple of Texas colleges. I researched and visited one college in particular that I really loved, Texas State.

Senior year came and at the very beginning of the year I applied to Texas State, and shortly after I received my acceptance letter. I was happy to see that working hard in high school got me to the next major step in my life. My goal had come true. You can really do what you want and reach your goals if you work hard. In the end what you put in is really what you get out.