Freedom of Driving

Brad - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

One of the greatest days of my life was when I was allowed to drive. Driving was something I always wanted to do. Once I did start driving, it gave me a sense of freedom. Driving gives me a chance to be free and control where I want to go.

I started to get into cars when I was a little boy playing with matchbox cars. Man, I loved playing with those cars. Just about every night I would drag out about a hundred cars, and I would just have them all lined up in my room or even sometimes out into the rest of the house. The whole time I was playing I would make noises of cars as I moved them across the floor. If I didn’t have any cars to play with, I would start zooming around like a car. First I would make noises like a car, and then I would get into the motions as if I was driving the car. My parents tell me that I did this all the time.

Then I found out that what really got me excited about cars was going to watch my cousin at the local race track. I was just so amazed about what was going on there. I loved the noise of the cars going around the track, the fans cheering on their favorites to win, and just the overall adrenaline rush I got from the competition. When I first started going my uncle would tow the car around for my cousin. I would ride with them and once we go into the race track I would get out of the truck and hop into the race car. My uncle would drive the truck and trailer around to act like I was really driving a race car. It was there when I felt that I was free and I was having the time of my life.

Being at the race track got me thinking about when I would finally get to drive. I couldn’t wait until I could finally get behind the wheel. When I was finally allowed to get my learners permit my dad took me out to drive for my first time. My heart was pounding so fast because I was finally given that freedom. My dad said I was a natural. Every time I had the opportunity to go out and drive any vehicle I would. If my parents wanted to go somewhere I would drive them.

The more and more I drive the freer I feel from the outside world. No one has control of the way I drive. I just got to hope that people also feel the same way as I do every time they get behind the wheel because it is not just something to do but also a privilege. Most people take driving for granted and don’t see the real joy in driving. But not me, I enjoy being behind the wheel every time because I feel free at last.