Trying New Things in Hawaii

Dan - Missoula, Montana
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

Trying New Things in Hawaii

There is so much in our world to explore and it is our choice to go out and explore it. This is why I believe that trying new things is the key to an exciting life. By doing this we can open ourselves up to a whole world that might not have been found. Also, by trying anything new so much can be learned, not only about ourselves, but about everyone and everything around us.

What I truly believed had not been clear to me until recently. When I was sixteen my family took a trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Throughout our trip I learned a lot about who I was. It was a very important stepping stone in my life because it taught me to be open to new ideas.

I have grown up in Montana and have not had the chance to learn anything about Hawaii and its native people. This is why our trip to the Polynesian Culture Center was my favorite part of the vacation. It was a large area filled with different types of structures from all of the Polynesian islands. Everywhere you walked you were greeted and introduced to different aspects of the native’s lives.

Throughout the Center you could take part in activities such as dancing, playing native games, playing instruments, building, weaving, and trying new foods. Although it sounds simple my belief was found through trying a native dish called poi. Poi is made from a taro plant’s roots and is very nutritious. It is mashed up after it is boiled. Poi is a purplish-brown color and does not smell good. So I sat there with the natives urging me to eat it. They were really pushing me to try it and one of the Hawaiians said with his extreme accent, “come on brother, you don’t want to be a chicken!” Finally I tried it, and it did not taste good. But luckily it did not hurt me in any way. Nothing was lost.

This is when my belief hit me. By just trying a new food I made a number of different friends. All of the natives accepted me into their culture. Throughout the rest of my time there I did not feel like there were any barriers. By trying one new thing I was able to relate to so many other people.

Food is a very important part of everybody’s life. By trying different foods you can relate to so many different people. By talking to all of the different people I gained a lot of knowledge about what they think is right. If everybody does this then we can see all of the beliefs and maybe form a more peaceful world.