My Parents

Hannah - Kemah, Texas
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

In January my parents will celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary and they love and respect each other more then anyone else I know. I have one brother and four sisters and we are reminded daily of the love and admiration they have for each other and for us. I am reminded daily that there is still such a thing as true love and it is something special and important that is worth waiting and fighting for. My parents have that true love, and sometimes it’s a choice and not a feeling. They stick together no matter what.

My family lived in Corpus Christi for a long time. We all loved it there and we lived in a beautiful house that my dad had helped build. My mom expected to live and raise us in that house. My mom homeschooled us in Corpus (and still did once we moved here) and was part of a huge and wonderful community of homeschoolers among whom we all had several friends. But when I was eight my dad was offered a better job here in Houston, so he and my mom decided we should move.

We were all devastated, especially my Mom, she knew that she wouldn’t get the homeschooling support she got in Corpus. My brother and sisters and I had many friends and several close family members who lived right around the corner. The only people we knew in Houston were cousins that were going to live twenty minutes away, and Houston just sounded so big. But because my Dad knows what is best, we moved. And after awhile, the move did turn out to be for the best.

My parents are my heroes, because although the move was hard on them both, they worked through it together and love each other more. It helped make them stronger because of the trials they faced together. Because of their undying love, and because they show me how to love God, family and friends even through the hard times, they remind me and reaffirm my belief in a quote that my sister keeps on her wall: “I believe in the Sun even when it’s not shining, I believe in Love even when feeling it not, and I believe in God even when He is silent.” This I believe.