This I Believe

Roxy - Virginia
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe in the saying “Mama knows best.” I have ignored this fact and it is probably because I’m a little stubborn. Whenever I would get in trouble for something I thought was unreasonable, I’d sit and sulk in my room not taking into consideration that my mother had good intentions for grounding me. I had to learn my lesson and no matter how many times she’d have to punish me for the same thing, she was determined to make her plan work.

Back when I was in the 10th grade, my older sister and I loved to go to parties together. Tiffany was a senior, living it up, and I, being her little sister, wanted to follow her around. We were sitting at lunch when we heard about a party that was going to be held on that Friday. Of course, we had to be there. I found out later that day that the party was going to be held in a part of town that our mother forbid us to hang around at: Shell Road. Now, I have to admit, Shell Road was the ghetto, unsafe part of town. My sister and I completely ignored where it was located and decided we couldn’t miss it. So, we kind of lied…no, we did lie about our whereabouts that night. Tiffany and I told our mother we were going to the movies and would be back before midnight. The party was fun while it lasted. The police busted it for noise violation, and we quickly walked to the car. Before we could even unlock the doors to the car, a woman my mother worked with approached us. She spoke to us about how her daughter was at the party and she was picking her up. We kept smiles on our faces trying not to reveal that we clearly didn’t have permission to go to the party. Just our luck! News circulates very fast in the city of Hampton, Virginia. My mother found out that we attended that party and we were punished. The crazy thing is soon after we left someone started shooting up Shell Road. It hit me that my mother was right, and we could have been the one of the people hurt that night. We never attended a party on Shell Road again.

It’s hard now not listening to the lessons my mother has to teach me. She has experienced more and I can learn from her. She has been a teenager and walked a college campus just like I have. No matter how awkward it is to talk to her about a certain topic, I know I’ll get a honest answer because she wants what is best for me. Now that I am off on my own at college, I try to consider my mother’s beliefs when I make a decision or when I am confused about a situation. This technique usually creates a positive outcome.

I am proud to say that I am my mother’s daughter, because my mama really knows best.