Puppy Eyes

Kristin - West Chester, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Day to day, we all are constantly being judged by others based on what we wear, who we hang out with, and what our personality is like, just to name a few. Even the people close to us, whether it is consciously or unconsciously, judge our actions. In this society, to be judged by others is inevitable. Although an exception to that statement exists; there is one being within my life that has beaten the odds of judgment and loves me for me no matter what.

As I came home from school for Thanksgiving Break, I was excited to be going home, yet I could not outwardly express my happiness. I was stressed, tired, and ready to cry. A number of things were upsetting me that day starting with a bad hair day, followed by the dentist giving me attitude, and finally I was unable to get in contact with friends to make plans over break. Even though they were very insignificant occurrences, when I am tired, the smallest things upset me.

When my mother and I finally arrived at our home, I was approached by a small, knee-high, black and white, scruffy-haired being, my dog Snazzy. His soft, slightly glazed over, puppy eyes looked directly into mine, and it was as if he knew I just had a horrible day; it was the most gentle, calm look that no human could ever have given me. I laid on the couch, and Snazzy followed by jumping up and lying across my body, still staring into my eyes. He knew I needed him.

While we were lying there, the warmth of his body slowly warmed my heart letting me forget all that had happened. Snazzy did not care what occurred that day only that I needed him. Being a dog, Snazzy obviously cannot comprehend how I act, dress or what kind of person I am; consequently, it is impossible for him to judge me. On the other hand, Snazzy can recognize when I am sad and need him. A best friend is someone who does not judge and is always there for me. For that reason, Snazzy is my best friend and I truly believe a dog is a man’s best friend.