This I Believe

Jessica - souderton, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Simple Things

Some of the most simple things in life are the things that should be most cherished. To appreciate the beauty of a purple wild flower, or the radiant melody of a chirping bird can bring happiness even at the toughest times in ones life. Pain can be a difficult thing to handle, but there are wonderful gifts all around us. Just open your eyes, look around, and see all the beauty that is on all sides of the earth. I believe that even the simple gifts in life can help ease the pain that one feels.

Paintings are a wonderful gift that can be shared with every viewer. The most precious painting of all is the sky. Not just the morning sky, but the evening sky due to its phenomenal sunsets. Colors begin to spread and blend all over the wide canvas, while light and darkness begin to mix. There is something special about these paintings. Everyone is different, and it’s like a new present being unwrapped for the first time. Lying on smooth grass and looking up at the enormous sky full of life brings such a joy to the heart. Without fail, on a clear evening, I anticipate the sunset because I know that a little bit of astonishment will fill my heart.

Joy would have been great during a time in my life when I was undergoing hardship. My best friend Kirsten was in the hospital due to an enlarged heart. She was put on life support and when taken off she passed away with a smile on her face. I was left with a lot of emotional damage. Before Kirsten was in the hospital we had gotten into a really bad fight and I never had the chance to apologize, or make things right between us. For a while this thought brought me down, but one day I noticed the simple aspects of nature. The leaves on a tree, with its astonishing color, red mixed with yellow and a little bit of brown made me stop in my tracks. Life filled these trees, and I knew that I was blessed with a gift.

A little bit each week I would notice something different. After the tree I noticed a wonderful harmony a few birds were singing, then a dandelion would emerge through the cracks of cement. How could such a beautiful flower be born and grow through hard rock? It was then that I realized that beauty could be found anywhere and everywhere. You don’t need to look for it, just open your eyes to it. As I began to do just that, peace began to restore in my heart. I no longer was left with hurting feelings of Kirsten’s death, but I was left with memories of her laugh. I would look around and see all the blessings that surrounded me.

Just by opening my eyes I began to notice the special gifts that were created for all of us to share. I took the time to notice and pay attention to the simple things in life. The power behind it completely amazed me, because it refreshed my soul, and allowed me to move on from the pain I was feeling. There are beautiful and wonderful presents waiting to be opened. Take the time to stop, pause, and see.