Music can change a reality

Joshua - hammonton, New Jersey
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Music is a sweet release for many. People are able to relate to the lyrics of their favorite song, or the crescendos and diminuendos of their favorite classical pieces. A quote made famous by Don McLean’s song, “American Pie”, is, “I saw Satan laughing with delight the day the music died,” and this I believe.

I have grown up around music, and it has practically shaped who I am today. I am a freshman in college, currently studying music therapy. I know how to play guitar, and can sing and play a few marching band instruments as well. Music has always been a way for me to escape my problems, or enter an alternate reality.

My father and myself did not get along very well when I was growing up. We would argue and fight and scream at each other frequently. These quarrels would usually end up with me sent to my room. I never really knew how to handle my problems growing up, so I used two methods to escape my feelings. One of these was cutting; the other, music. Music would be my sweet serenity. I would listen to the most obscure selection, from smooth jazz, to Judy Garland, to a rock band named Blindside. Nothing could bring me down when I had my music to serenade me away from my problems. Music was also a better alternative to my first found solution.

Music brought me to a world where I was free to feel what I wanted. I could feel elated, or listen to rock music to express my inner anger and frustration, and escape my, what seemed, horrid reality. Looking back, it was never nearly as bad as I always thought it was, but to a teenage boy, everything was inverted to a much larger scale.

Don McLean is right in saying that Satan would laugh when music was abolished from this world. Without it, many would be lost. People could not express their emotions and thoughts. Music is the painting of sound. It is a great escape. If we were to lose music, then Satan would win; he would be able to watch our souls slowly die, and waste away. Music can change lives, and can better a person, for this I believe.