people and their purposes

nicole - louisburg, North Carolina
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that every single person you meet has a purpose in your life. If they didn’t have a purpose in your life you wouldn’t have meet them. Look at the odds, there are a gazllion people in this world and you just happen to meet that person out of everybody else, not likely. They have a purpose in your life, even though you might not realize it now you will when it’s all said and done.

I have personally met a lot of people who have changed my life, for better or worse, but the time in my past that i’m going to tell you about happened about two years ago in the summer. Two years ago i was so lost and confused that i didn’t even know who i was anymore, and then i met this girl named Erica and the more we talked the more we had in common. After a while of talking with her i started to realize who i really was, and to this day i don’t know how she made me realize who i was, but she did. That was her purpose in my life. We still talk every once in a while but not much, i know that if i have problems she will help me the best she can. With me telling you this it leads me into another person who has helped me in my past and they are still helping me now, more than they will ever know.

After i realized who i was i had to find a way to show everybody else the real me, and i didn’t know how. My bestfriend Brittany is the one that helped me show the world the real me, and the weird thing is I haven’t even known her for a year. The way that she helped me show the world who i was, was just by letting me be me around her, i din’t have to worry about anything. The more time that i spent around her the more I started acting like myself. Thanks to her now i show everybody who i really am, because i was so use to just being myself around her that after a while thats how i was around everybody.

Just remember that no matter how big or how small their purpose in you life may be, they are there for a purpose, and before it is all said and done they eill have fulfilled their purpose in you life just like you will have filled your purpose in theirs.