I believe we are all human.

Jessica - Ocala, Florida
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“I believe we are all human.”

I see all my fellow human beings as individuals. People who may have beliefs and views different than mine. People who have traits and personalities different than mine. My initial thought when meeting a fellow human is how I’m interested in learning about that person and their views. There are so many opinions and beliefs that if shared can bring knowledge to those who are interested. I am a person who is interested. I have thoughts and beliefs that I stand for in my life, and because of that I know I don’t have the power to tell people what they should believe in. I believe that society simply shouldn’t look down on those that don’t share the beliefs they do. We are all human and a part of being human shows difference, but there is a need for acceptance. The great thing about our world is that we are all different in many aspect, but as Walt Disney once said “The things that we as a society have in common far outweigh our differences.” I have always been plagued by our society and the amount of people that I have come in contact with that don’t believe we are all equally human. Yet it wasn’t until recently that I became very passionate about the subject when I was treated unequally as a human in my college class. My initial thought was shock. Amazingly, I was asked my political party and religion which I did not answer. Then it was made clear that if my views weren’t the same as those who space I shared, I simply wasn’t wanted. My main shock came because alike or not I was in a college class where I was welcome to be. Their words didn’t provoke anger yet thought, thoughts of how I want to live my life. Now my passion is to look at the world with open eyes. I believe the world would be a more loving and peaceful place is everyone accepted views other than their own. I live my life treating everyone the same and taking in human beliefs as something to learn from. Its amazing the difference in what is important to people, and all humans have something that is important to them. Humans don’t have the same thing that makes their life worth living, but they always have something. My goal is to reach out to everyone no matter what color, religious belief, or orientation. We are all human. My goal is to help people understand that we should take these beliefs as something to learn from. If I can help one person have an open mind to this beautiful world then that is making a difference. I believe we are all human.