Shivam - mumbai, India
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My life started as a normal boy who weighed 11 pounds at birth. I belonged to the shy and reserve type of boy category. At that age I was very happy with my little world of my family, friends and toys which consisted of my toy cars of which I had a collection, my Lego set, my small cricket bat and loads of other stuff which I kept in a very organized manner.

As I was changing from a child to a boy to a man I was changing as a person too, becoming a friendlier and out door kind of guy. No one would ever believe that I am the same boy who was once upon a time lost in his own world, not with the present world. This change in me was not a 1or 2 day affair. It was a process…a Process of Life …wherein I learnt the very many ways of life, only after leaving school that is, before that it was just classes, school, and back.

Once I was about to get into college I started realizing what the real world is made up of, traveling in buses, and trains in a place like Mumbai is an experience by itself. Then there are problems, not only the math’s ones but also the ones with friends, family, society, etc. Since then it has been an uphill task in terms of my experiences with life and learning the so called “lessons” of life.

However, life has never been regret for me, loved it then and will always. As of now my life mainly consists of football, studying and of course girls*winks*. I am not mentioning family because that is a constant phenomenon. In a few years time it would be my work, football and maybe something what I want to do, something like writing articles, etc.

But even through all this I still can’t figure out what life actually is. When I think of it I think life is L, I, F, and E with a question mark .The question mark because I don’t know the exact definition. And I think no one does. We don’t know whether what we are living now is life or what we will live once we are out of college.

Everyone has a different meaning, sense, significance for life. For some it is chilling around with friends’, for some it is playing sports, for some being successful, famous etc etc. Whatever we say and think about life makes it all the more complicated. It is impossible to understand life in three minutes as there are so many people who don’t get the actual significance of there life even after living it.

I don’t think this is anything new and that only I get such thoughts, but I think it is human nature, to question .Everyone has questions in there mind about what is the reason for their birth? What is there purpose in life, etc.Some questions can be answered some remain unanswered. I guess … Life is a journey of endless discovery where the journey is more important than the destination. That is the beauty of life.