Tiffany - Seminole, Oklahoma
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was a small girl my mother put me in dance classes at the Seminole Dance Company, where I immediately fell in love with everything about dancing. By the fifth grade I began competitive dance, which turned my whole world around. I began to grasp not only that a dance should flow and how to make it flow, but the world that came along with it. When you perform on an actual stage, you no longer acknowledge the crowd because they disappear behind the hot, luminous lights shining down. You begin to feel as if you are alone, creating a security blanket surrounding you, releasing stress, tension, anger, and sadness. The world on stage becomes a type of utopia, a perfect and flawless life of your own. Dancing became my world; it gave me confidence and the courage to perform in front of crowds. As I grew older I began teaching dance. I loved to see the little girls eyes light up as they walked into the studio. Every time I went to work, I was excited to be there, to see their bright, shining faces looking up to me for help, for inspiration, and for that grin that we always gave them. The little girls always make me happy and as I teach, I reassure myself that not only am I teaching them dancing by also, social skills, confidence, and the amazing world that I have found when I dance. They always look to the staff for reassurance of what they have done, they like to feel accomplished and the amazing thing is that every one of them has different ways of telling you they want this. The girls always brighten my day and I enjoy sharing with them the most amazing thing in my life.

I believe in teaching dance, I love teaching girls big and little, especially the little ones. The girls always find a way to brighten your day as you share with them something very dear to your heart, dancing!