Alyson - Earlsboro, Oklahoma
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

Geometry was my favorite math class. Not because of the proofs, not because of the Pythagorean Theorem, but because it was boring and my mind could freely wander, and that wandering resulted in doodling. Saving me from Mrs. Lucas’s constant droning, my pencil would scrawl a random mess of clustered designs or pictures, the embodiment of my boredom. I believe in doodling because it gives me a means of expression and channeling emotion into tangibility.

Stress can plague me, or a bad mood can put me into a rut, but as soon as I pick up a pencil, all of my emotions flow through me and end up as swirls and sunsets and stop signs on my paper. One of my greatest doodles was actually for an art class. I could think of nothing to draw and it frustrated me to no end! And so I started to doodle, because I was frustrated. The doodle continued into a creation of pride and for one hour every day for seven days, my emotions filled that page. When I looked down on my work, I saw that it was full of happy things and mysterious things and curious things and sad things; filled to the brim with things that speak to who I am and how I am.

Doodling is a universal pastime. Emotions plague everyone in the world and anytime someone creates a picture or a painting or a sculpture or anything at all, it comes from their minds and hearts – the source of all emotion. Doodling can affect all people differently and just because my form of doodling results in a picture on paper, no one is limited, because doodling is simply creating something based on emotion. Without the emotion that inspires doodling, we wouldn’t have the Mona Lisa, Starry Nights, the Thinker or any of the vast, vast pieces of art that bless the world. Doodling is a common bond the world shares, because though styles may differ, people are channeling their emotions into life. I truly believe that with this great practice in common, doodling can unite many people and create friendships and far greater peace in the world as we know it.

Doodling is my passion, my drug, my stress reliever, my happiness, my escape… and it is one thing that I believe will be with me all of my days (which fills me with excitement at the thought of all the things I will doodle and share in my life). Who knows? Maybe I’ll even doodle on the paper I type this essay on.