I Believe in Questioning

Daniel - virginia beach, Virginia
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

I Believe

People live life today based on the standards of other individuals and the standards of the sociological norm. I believe in questioning. My grade school teachers always told me that “The only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.” Why is it that this philosophy is not followed into adulthood? Millions of people base their decisions on the teachings and guidelines of God. Questioning society, mainly organized religion is the basis of living a happy life.

A question can be something as simple as asking about something that you don’t understand. However, it can be as meaningful as stepping back and questioning the way you live your life. Christianity was supposed to be the only guidelines to obtain my happy life. However, as I came into my teenage years, I realized that many things that were enjoyable were shunned by the Bible. As I questioned and deciphered the literal meaning of the Bible, I saw how primitive of a book it really was. Scientific evidence has proven that evolution does exist. However, my church turned a blind eye to evidence and called evolution a conspiracy. How can masses of people be so closed minded to such important revolutions? Questioning the leash that religion has on much of the population, I realize that people are living based on a scripture written thousands of years ago.

Religion is not the only topic subject to questioning. I believe all acts of a power should be examined, especially that of government figures and decisions. Who is to say that one man elected by the people is making all of the right decisions for our country? Jaywalking and the occasional pot smoking do not harm society. Once again, these statutes were written decades ago and remain unquestioned by the general public. Questioning government will always lead to a better life for the people.

Social norms should also be questioned daily. Nobody questions the hideous clothing that strut down the runway in Paris. Youth struggle on a daily basis to keep up with the latest trends and ideals. Questioning beliefs about social class is also beneficial. Why is it shunned to marry a member of a lower class or different ethnic background?

A good example of life without questioning is the constituents of People’s Temple. Reverend Jim Jones led thousands of people away from their families and homes with a promise of religious salvation. Jim Jones was preaching to waste our one life on Earth for a promise of an unknown afterlife. Members of this cult followed his teachings word for word until it broke them down physically and mentally. No one questioned the one they called God, even when he led them to suicide.

Questioning all things beyond personal control expanded my mind and bettered my life. It was difficult questioning the ordinary, especially because it is looked at as forbidden by society. Especially in topics like religion, that have absolute control over people lives, should ideals be questioned. I believe in questioning.