Everything Has a Purpose

Monica - Bettendorf, Iowa
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Usually people think of things as “bad” if they, or someone

they know, is allergic to it. One of these main things are cats. Many

people hate cats because of that. They think they are stupid and

turn to dogs. But cats are smart and loveable and deserve nice

homes like dogs.

I think you should not judge a book by it’s cover and

embrace all life like the way it should be. Everything has a

purpose and they should be recognized for it. Cats, peanuts, and

mosquitoes have purposes too and should not be treated unfairly no

matter how much someone hates them.

I know a relative who is allergic to cats, but when she visits,

she does not act wrongly to our cats, Woody and Rocky. Many

others are allergic to peanuts but at the same time lots of people

love them and would have them any day. And mosquitoes, if every

single mosquito in the world was cruelly killed out of annoyance,

we would be killing bats and other animals who eat them.

I wasp is not to be killed because your are afraid of it. They

Sting you because they are protecting their family, as you would

to your own. And Squishing a firefly just for it’s glow wouldn’t be

right. I t would be like destroying the Mona Lisa and taking only

her smile which will fade over time.

I think everything has a purpose and you should

treat everything fairly. Everything has a life and should be treated

like we would treat our friends and our family.