Sometimes People Don’t Learn Things the Hard Way

Lauren - Bettendorf, Iowa
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage, work

When animals/people learn things the hard way sometimes it doesn’t mean they actually learned to be careful, it just means they experienced it the hard way. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry anymore.

My dog Max got run over by a car when he was just a puppy. He broke a bone in his leg, but was extra cautious for only about a month. That was a few years ago and now and is always really close to the car when it comes in the driveway. He’s stubborn that way.

I always hear stories of how kids will get hurt doing something dangerous things and still go back and do it again. I remember when I was 4 and I wanted to learn how to ride a bike. I have four older brothers, and at the time they were riding bikes all the time. So that was why I wanted to learn. Well, when I was riding by myself for one of the first times, I ran into a mailbox! You would think that I would just quit then and there, but I didn’t, I got right back on the bike and started riding again.

Whenever somebody says that so-and-so did something dangerous and got hurt and won’t do that again, I think to my self, “They probably will do it again, if they had the courage to do it in the first place and they forget the pain.”

This I believe.