moving is a great part of my life

Madison - Betendorf, Iowa
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Moving is a great part of my life

I had just moved from Bettendorf to Des Moines. It was so different. Everyone was doing different things. I didn’t know how to act around everyone I wanted to move back.

One day, one of my friends from Des Moines was visiting. I went to my first soccer practice. Everyone was nice and welcoming. But they acted way different than I was use to. So when they all started talking and playing around I wasn’t sure if I should act like them, or like my old friends and like the one that I had there watching me play?

The year went on. I went to practices and some games, but I didn’t find the games fun. I didn’t get played much. I felt like I was the worst on the team, so therefore I thought I got worse from the move.

Of coarse I was wrong. I just didn’t know that at the time. I felt that because our team had lost a few games it was partly my fault. After the game people were crying. I didn’t know what happened to them. I was use to loosing.

I finally saw how important these games were to my fellow teammates. It showed that it wasn’t just me.

Soccer is a team sport. You win together and loose together. I always knew it was a team sport. You pass the ball to your teammates. You are on the field together. I really realized your teammates are depending on you.

After that I kept going to practices and working hard. I got better and better. I got played more. And when I got hurt I just told myself, “suck it up, be a man, rub some dirt on it.” My teammates started passing to me more and trusting me.

I felt I was part of the team.

Finally now I get played much more. I play aggressive and love out maneuvering people. I even get put in for the whole game. Everyone trusts everyone. I’ve realized that this move has done a lot for me. I’m so thankful God got me through it and taught me just to go with what is inside me.

This I believe.