Drawing, it’s an art!

William - Seminole, Oklahoma
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I am bored or deeply confused, I doodle. I write “Physics” over and over again in various calligraphic ways from round, thick, bubble letters to slithering, scaly, snake letters. I create numerous figments of my imagination, including one-eyed, talking pieces of chocolate and fuzzy, four-winged bears. I believe in drawing. A pencil and a piece of paper grant me absolute freedom in releasing my imagination. They allow me creative expression, almost without limits. The only boundaries or limitations exist at the edge of my paper. Additionally, like most aspects of secular life, any restrictions present are physically binding, not mentally. Expansion of the mind is important, even more so than physical conditioning. Another reason that drawing is appealing is that it allows me to take control of the direction I am going. I can decide whether to begin forming a two-headed alien or a stained glass, rose window on a towering cathedral. The pen or pencil is the tool I use to shape the path to my destination, but my hand, specifically, my left hand, guides and directs the proper way. Drawing is my favorite form of art because of the various options and emotionally-revealing effects it permits. My choices are broad, as I can darken an object through shading if I aim to express my pessimism or sorrow. I may create a three-dimensional cube that seemingly pops out to display my desire to break free from the mold of my surrounding environment. Drawing allows me to escape reality and plunge into the surreal world that drifts in the depths of my head. I don’t have to sulk and struggle over the many issues, challenges, and fears that are ever-present in society. Furthermore, I can invent and bring to life on paper a heroic figure or high-tech device that rescues me and annihilates those trials. An essential part of the pencil is the eraser. Whenever I make a mistake, I simply erase the error. Then, I am able to fix the imperfection by either reconstructing the proportions, completely changing, or slightly improving it. I believe that drawing is also a terrific means of relaxation. All my stress oozes out the lead or my pencil tip or the ink of my pen and appears onto the blank, lonely piece of white paper. Drawing is a perfect activity to sooth the soul, release the mind, and free the power.