Caley - Seminole, Oklahoma
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: peace

Ideas aren’t allowed to flourish when conflict such as war exists in a society. Hence I believe in the power of freedom from disturbance, or the cessation to war and violence. Peace would develop and preserve the American homeland toward a safe and secure country. As Mahatma Gandhi stated “there is no way to peace; peace is the way.” Therefore, I believe in peace.

From my perspective, the society I live and breathe daily has affected my generation to be at a disadvantage, theoretically speaking, since the present War on Terrorism in Iraq causes my nation to lag behind. Peace has to rebuild itself after turmoil such as war, to return to a stable environment. Consequently, conflict has many drawbacks that apply to my everyday life whether it is the recession given rise to deflation generated by the recent spending on the war or the aspect of no stated exit strategy, providing little hope towards peacefulness. My generation’s ideas are prolonged and unable to thrive because of the economical situation that has no predicted end.

Yet, I imagine peace as something the world can’t give. Peace is a concept that passes all understanding by our government. But with the guidance from God, I’ve realized that peace on earth is possible as his spirit resides in His people and God has granted me peace within myself. When I attend different activities like school and church, I am able to carry peace within me because of my faith in Jesus. My viewpoint remains even though some situations are dark like war. When we face obstacles, peace is there because God’s ever present peace lives through us.