Changing A Childs Life

Krystal - 37034
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

All Children are honestly helpless to certain age. They don’t ask to be put in this world. They don’t get choose who their parents are. But most of all children don’t always get to speak or choose if they are in danger at home. It even comes down to the point of a child wont speak because they love their parents and they don’t want to be taken away. They don’t know right treatment from wrong because being beat on is all they’ve known. This is why I believe no child should have to live in a dangerous situation.

I admit I am not the biggest fan of children. I find them loud and obnoxious and too much work. Just because you may not like them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for them. I hate nothing more than turning on the television or hearing somebody talking about how a little kid was living in a house where his or her parents were doing drugs in. Nothing can explain why a three year old child has to live where their parents are abusive or someone is getting shot outside their window.

I never really thought about it or cared for that matter until one day in middle school. There was a kid named Jurome. He wasn’t very popular. He wore the same 2 or 3 outfits weekly. It seemed that he had no friends at all. Nobody liked him. Not because he was mean but because he was different. He didn’t fit into the category of a normal 6th grader. He didn’t smell good and he wasn’t very social able. Kids would tease him and make him cry.

Then one week he started missing class a lot. He had missed like 3 days. Then the next week 4 days. Soon he completely stopped coming. A couple weeks after he had stopped coming our teacher had came into class late one day. She had been crying. that’s when she told us what had happened to Jurome. That once quiet unnoticed kid was dead. Apparently his parents were big drug addicts. That’s when the guilt and understanding hit me. At that moment if maybe instead of laughing at him when others made fun of him I could have been a friend and tried to get to know him. I may have not been able of saved him or even learned his situation but it couldn’t of hurt or made it worse. He just needed a friend or someone that cared.

As a community in any state I think it should be addressed. Not taking the time out of your day to recognize what is really going on around you can be devastating. Especially when your working with kids such as a teacher. Instead of talking about it we should do something about it. You depend on authorities to catch all bad thing that happen. Truth is they cant without the help of us. It takes someone to notice something wrong or something out of place. Someone that sees the child everyday and can see the changes day by day. People don’t realize about 5000 thousand children die every year from being in a dangerous situation. It makes no since. I think it makes us look careless and oblivious.

Children everyday die because they are in a situation they cant get out of. Sometimes they want to speak but are too scared. After all they are just children and sometimes they aren’t even old enough to talk. It take one person to speak out and say something to help. It may not be a fast reaction but every little comprehension can make a difference. This is why no child should have to live in a dangerous situation. This is what I believe.