Rasaq - 37013, Tennessee
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My name is Rasaq; Rasaq is an Islamic name that means devoted. I was born in a Muslim family. My Grandfather and Grandmother are Alhaji and Alhajj and that means they have completed one of the Five Pillars of Islam. They are on the same level as a pastor. My mother is going to Saudi Arabia on Thursday for two-three weeks to complete one of her five pillars to become an Alhajj.

As a child my parents used to make us practice the religion. We used to go to the mosque and did the Ramadan fasting. They also taught us how to speak some Arabic language. My parents used to read the Quran to us and made us take some notes on it as well.

When I was ten years old my aunty changed her religion to Christianity. When she told the rest of our family members, some of them were mad about it and didn’t talk to her for months. My dad had the biggest issue with it because he is a big religious man.

When I was fourteen I kind of distanced myself from my religion. The reason why I did that was because I didn’t feel comfortable with the religion and I stopped doing all the Muslim stuff my parents made me do as a child.

I believe people come to my life for a reason. One of the reason why I started going to church was because of my ex girlfriend. She is a very religious person. She gave me a small bible and I started to read it. I started watching some church services on T.V. I wanted to start going to church but at that time I wasn’t driving.

I started going to church when I was eighteen. One of the days that I would never forget is the day I got saved. We had a guest speaker at the church. He asked the church members, “If anybody wants their life to be better, wants God to save them for miserable stuff that they are leaving through just come up to the stage and I will pray for you”. I went to the stage he preyed for me and then I went back to my seat. Five minutes later I started crying and it felt good. It felt like God was telling me that it was okay to cry and he will make everything better if I just keep him first in my life. After that day I started going to church more and reading my bible.

My parents still don’t know that I go to church. I would love to tell my parents and the rest of my family members that I do go to church and I’m a Christian but I know I can’t do that at this moment. Being a Christian as been the greatest choice I have ever made. I pray that one day my parents and the rest of my family member would also follow my aunty and my footstep and also become a Christian too; I believe that if you are not happy with a religion is ok to change it.