The Power of Friendship

Jamie - Queen Creek, Arizona
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“I just can’t do this anymore! I give up!”

Have you ever had that thought come across your head?–the thought of giving up just because things were getting too hard for you to handle? I surely have. But, my friends helped me through my problems, and they stopped and prevented me from giving up. Without their friendship, I know I would have given up on my dreams.

The summer before my senior year, the problems started and the relationship between my parents and I became strained. I wanted to be treated like an adult, like any other teenager. I was seventeen, soon to be eighteen, and I wanted to learn how to drive. When they said, “You don’t need to drive. You can ride the bus,” I was a little testy. When I asked if I could spend more than just a night at a friend’s house, they wouldn’t hear of it and they completely ignored the question. But, when I asked if I could get a job, just a part-time job to keep me busy, my parents said, “You don’t need to work. Wait ‘til after high school is over to worry about working.” I lost it then. My mother had only said the week before that I should get a job at a camp in Prescott! So, yeah, I was furious! From then on, we argued on just about everything and anything, even about the front yard!

They couldn’t trust me well enough to be an adult, and I didn’t want to have anything to do with them. I even thought of dropping of high school just so I could leave them sooner! But, a few of my friends stopped me: Kathryn was like a sister to me, always giving me advice and writing cheerful letters; Justin, or “Sketch” as we called him, was like the brother I never had and he drew me drawings of random things and made funny jokes so I would laugh; Nancy was the person I could go to for religious advice, keeping me close to God; and, Nicole offered her home to me when I thought I couldn’t go to my own.

These friends were the reason I stayed in school, and the inspiration that led me to get my high school diploma. They taught me to never give up when life seemed too hard for me to go on, but to keep going. I can always trust them, no matter what the situation is. They have showed me that life is worth living for. Kathryn, Sketch, Nancy and Nicole; they have influenced me to stay on the path that I chose for myself a long time ago.

You don’t have to know somebody for a long time, just long enough for them to know the real you. I did that and now I have four incredible friends by my side, waiting for me to call on them for help. I believe that the power and strength of any friendship that anybody holds in their life can help them hold on to their dreams and goals. This I believe.