Following the Wrong Crowd

Trevor - Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that following the wrong crowd shows weakness and stupidity. Although the actions of a bully may be perceived as strength, it takes far more inner strength to stand up and say no, than it does to use brut strength.

One night I was outside the movie theatre in Huntsville, Alabama. My friend and I were waiting in the line with two girls to get in. It was a cold dark rainy night; we were at the late show. All of a sudden out of nowhere, these two guys are flinging their hands around making Gang signs. Then four guys circle them like hyenas herding their prey. We heard cursing and trash talking. I had watched enough news to know that these were two gangs notorious for their brutality. It was the Vice Lords versus the Bloods.

Next it was an all out brawl between the two different gangs. The smaller group was the Vice Lords they held their own for a minute or so. But the Bloods overwhelmed them with blows to the head. Then the vice lords went down and the bloods swarmed to them like vultures to road kill. The bloods showed no sympathy as they continued to beat the vice lords for at least three minutes.

As the guys flew past me, I was shocked to see CJ. I remember CJ extremely well. We had three classes together. We would always cut up and were class clowns. He would score high on all the tests and final grades. He was our running back on the football team. If it was not for him we would not have scored in a game. He was also our point guard on the basketball team. He could control a basketball game almost as great as Michael Jordan.

He then moved to Huntsville, Alabama after our eighth grade year. It seemed like it happened over night. I remember we would cut up and talk about the fun of our freshman year. Then in the last week of school he told me about his parent’s decision of moving. That week was the worst week of the year because I knew that was my best friend and I was losing him for our journey to high school. We agreed that we would see each other once a month; we would rotate months of which one would come to see each other and hang out. It worked out like we planned for the summer and the first two months of school, then it just kind crumbled like an old cookie. We lost contact and we both went on with our lives. Then that night happened at the movies. I could tell just from that few moments of seeing him, that he was not the same person I remembered him as. It was like I never knew him at all.

People tend to lose their conscious after they have been with the wrong crowd. Their conscious is covered up by the identity of the crowd. So it seems as if each individual’s conscious does not exist, but in all reality it is just hidden. This I believe.