The Art of Escape Through Adventure

Thomas - Yorktown, Virginia
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

During my freshman year, there was a rather bleak and dreary, rainy day. I had a paper due the next week, and my friend had a project due in a couple of days. The world was wet, and it didn’t look like the weather would get better anytime soon. Our options were few. We could do our work, which we had been doing for the past several hours, play the same game we have been playing for the past several weeks, or wander aimlessly across the campus. It was time for a break from the ordinary. We donned layers of clothing to keep us warm on our travels through the rain and went out with no plans. At first we wandered with no real aim and then we decided to visit spots that we normally don’t give a second glance to.

We searched for something to do without a real goal. The weather worsened but our worries escaped us. The thoughts of our projects escaped as we found trees to climb and puddles to splash. We climbed walls and railings and acted without any thought of our next actions.

The goal of an adventure is discovery whether it is of a great treasure or some fact about one’s self. This adventure was nowhere near profound, but it did lead to some interesting discoveries. We discovered where the best trees to climb are located. Not only did this provide us with slight cover from the rain, but it also gave us new and interesting views of the campus. We discovered the best way to avoid puddles is to avoid the sidewalk half the time. For the other half, it’s better to just go the long way.

Another benefit of any adventure is the escape from everyday worries for new and exciting worries. The worries become “will this branch hold” instead of “will I finish this paper on time.” The new worries let one live in the moment and forget the stress that surrounds normal life and thinking about the future.

Adventures make the world exciting. Nothing is better than escaping all responsibility and going somewhere without a plan. People crave adventure but rarely go on their own journeys because they are too concerned about their responsibilities to enjoy themselves. Day in and day out, it is the same thing. One goes to work or school then comes home and does some more work. Any free time is normally planned in advance and is similar to previous activities. People will watch movies, read books, or play games where someone else goes on an adventure, which becomes part of the everyday. The easiest ways to have an adventure are climbing trees, chasing birds, and exploring parks. I believe adventures are the way to overcome the overbearing crush of the everyday routine and to reinvigorate one’s mind for the challenges of the everyday.