Everyones Hard-Hitting Times

Nisharg - Shelbyville, Tennessee
Entered on December 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: courage, hope

We all experience our moments of sunshine and rain. If only we can discover that “this too will pass,” we could find so much hope and healing for not only ourselves but also others. I believe we can not only appreciate what we have in life but also be a healthier individual.

I was driving home one day from school, it was a dark and cold night. Every Monday I would go to taco bell and pick myself up some food. As I got in to the parking lot I noticed a dark shadowy figure next to the garbage can. He was digging for food. I couldn’t help but stand there and stare. As I was thinking to myself the guy saw me and quickly turned around and started to hastily walk away. I dug my hand in my pocket, thinking he would ask for some change, instead he looked as if he was scared. I’m sure he wasn’t always homeless. He probably went through a rough time and ended up losing everything. He was forced to live on the streets, sleep in the cold, and starve away his remaining life. I then realize just how lucky I was. Sure I’m not very rich or have a large fancy house with fancy cars, but I now appreciate everything I have.

Every one of us will go through a period of rough times. It is inevitable. But there are many ways to deal with it so it doesn’t get the worst of us. People always say that looking on the bright side can sometimes help, but it isn’t always easy to do so. Depending on what kind of hard-hitting times you are experiencing, there are different ways you may deal with them. Whether it is financial, emotional or any other harsh time, you can overcome it in a healthier way.

I work at a bank and I have seen people being weighed down with bills and eventually going into debt. If you’re experiencing hard financial times, there are a number of ways to survive this dreadful period, and none of them are easy. Tighten the belt is the first step. Make a list of “needs” and “wants”. If you need it to carry on life and sustain a decent living standard, then you must put forth the funds. If it is something you want but can live without, then don’t spend on that certain thing until your circumstances improves. If there is absolutely no way you can dig your way out or “keep falling behind”, then you may have to consider consumer credit help or possibly the last resort bankruptcy. Don’t take bankruptcy lightly or treat it as an easy option as it can chase you through most of your adult life. You must learn to control your spending or manage your lifestyle to equal your income.

Get ready to let time heal emotional ache. For emotional bumpy times, there is an old saying that “time heals all wounds”, and that “everything looks better from a distance.” Let yourself mourn, whimper, weep or whatever that helps you to move on. If you’re emotional distress is something that makes you feel condemned or thoughts of death, by all means, seek professional help!

Some other thing that might help is keeping your expectations low and you will rarely be disappointed. This perhaps may not seem right to you until you spend some time thinking about it. Use your devotion or beliefs; maybe you consider that God, the universe or nature provide us with the tools for any situation; doesn’t matter what the source, it is up to you to use those tools to keep your life in balance. We all will make it to the finish line and none of us will be allowed to take anything with us when we cease to exist.

Don’t think that everything will improve immediately, and that you’re the only person who is going through rough patches. It’s all in the attitude. Remember: you don’t have to look very far to find someone who has it a lot worse off than you do.