An Unfair Game

Austin - Newport News
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Have you ever been left out of anything? Maybe been treated unfairly? Have you ever felt like people think you’re undeserving even though what you do is just as impressive as others? It’s not fun, especially if it deals with sports, which is all about being competitive and winning. This is why I believe that the current Bowl Championship Series (BCS) system in Division IA football is bogus and there should be a playoff!

2004 was one of the most controversial seasons in college football history. Three teams went undefeated. How do you decide who plays in the national championship? Each team played in a tough conference but Auburn was left out of the championship game in which Oklahoma lost to the University of Southern California. Who is to say that Auburn could not have beaten USC? Auburn never got a chance!

Like Auburn, other teams have gone undefeated but have been left out of the national championship game for other reasons. They are left out because they are a Non-BCS school. In other words, they have a smaller, weaker, and easier schedule than the BCS schools. Theses are the teams such as Boise State and Utah, both who went undefeated, and both who never got to prove that they were worthy of a title. These teams will never get a shot at a championship if the system stays the way it is. Computers have a lot of influence on rankings. The computer ranks how good a team is by whom it plays and how often it wins. Blowing a team out 100 to 0 won’t mean as much if the losing team has very few wins. Along with computers, strength of schedule plays a big factor in a team’s ranking which is why Non-BCS teams won’t make it to a national championship. They cannot prove themselves worthy because they may play only one or two good teams all year.

Look at the New York Giants in 2007-08 season. You can compare them to a Non-BCS team because they barely made the playoffs. Everyone doubted them and said that they had no chance to win the Super Bowl. What did they do? They won the Super Bowl. The Giants got a chance to prove themselves because the NFL has a playoff. Non-BCS teams will never get a chance to prove themselves which is why college football needs a playoff system!

The NFL, NCAAB, NBA, NHL, and MLB all have undisputed national champions. There is no question at the end of a season who the best team is. Why is that? It is because there is a playoff to determine who is the best. You can’t let computers decide because they do not actually watch the games. You can’t let the people like the BCS voters decide because they are biased no matter how much you do not think so. There is only one way to determine who is the best and that is by letting the teams play each other.