Endless Childhood

Aaron - United Arab Emirates
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that a human being can function in an adult world while still maintaining the joy, freedom, and carelessness of childhood. Not to suggest that as a ‘grown-up’ I shouldn’t hold anything sacred or treat anything seriously, I simply believe that it’s possible to be as happy as I was in my youth while simultaneously behaving maturely and responsibly.

I feel this way most likely because I constantly catch myself yearning to be back in my childhood. It’s an episode of my mortal existence that I wish I could have back so badly. I realize that the adult world is flooded with opportunities, but I can’t prevent the nostalgia that sweeps over me every time I shuffle through my old, yet impressive, Pokemon card collection, or every time I hear the soundtrack to Disney’s Tarzan (a favorite of mine growing up). I wonder often why I should ever have to let go of those memories? The adult world certainly does demand I do so at times. The thing is, some may find their long forgotten childish interests to be not so important anymore, but I remember how much they meant to me at that age and I hold onto them. Things that are silly now were the world to me at that young age, so why should I discard those things as nothing. While I don’t continue to hold onto everything that was so beloved to me, I find some inner need to adhere to those memories. My childhood shaped who I am today, and I’ll show my gratitude by remembering those good times.

So, my childhood was the happiest time of my life. Of course, I can’t apply that same lifestyle to a modern situation. I didn’t realize it then, but life was a dream in my early years. I’ve found that it was that way because I was uncaring of the world’s perception of me, I wasn’t controlled by reckless emotions, and I was content because of the overall simplicity of the situation. These are things I can continue today. When I say that it is still possible to act maturely, I mean that when it comes to what truly matters, then an adult reaction is necessary and expected. I can take time to help someone in need or accept a responsible duty or task, and I can still have a deep and thriving passion for Nintendo games.

Some may say I’m too tightly tied to my past, but I simply see it as a reapplication of simple principles. Newer things and concepts are now important to me, and I realize I live in a different world than I used to, but I can readily accept that as long as I’m not required to fully convert to the austere, uptight adult that characterizes too many citizens of the grown up world.