I Believe in Bright Colors

Rebecca - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I have learned that most things become bearable when you add a bright color. I am a college student and live in a world of endless study. I have aspirations of becoming an artist, but dentistry is still an option for me. Consequently, I am taking a heavy science load next to free flowing art classes. For me, handling the strain of life and finals has become a matter of choosing the right accessories and noticing the little things.

I have a bright yellow bag. Inside are several neon colored notebooks, a hot-pink pencil case and lively binders. This is my armor when I head into physics. Somehow, taking notes on universal gravitation and torque is bearable and interesting when writing with a purple pen in a ridiculously vibrant orange notebook. These small things are vivid reminders to stay positive and avoid taking life too seriously.

However, life is serious. We make serious choices with serious consequences. My education is extremely important and my performance in college will determine the direction of my life. The choices I make over the coming years are ones that will have lasting personal and professional consequences. I decided that I would NOT get the serious ‘college-ruled’ notebooks with an imposing black cover because everything is so important. If I am going to put myself through this, I might as well enjoy it.

This has become my philosophy in life: face challenges in a way that makes them enjoyable. My love of vibrant colors is a component of this idea and extends beyond my school supplies. I surround myself with lime green, pink, yellow, blue, orange and white, and I make an effort to appreciate their appearance in unexpected places. They are my excuse to break up a day into moments between smiles, into memories of flowers and funny experiences, into a vibrant life.

We are here to have joy, and finding joy is in the way you face the world. I like to face it wearing a happy color and a smile.