Celebrating Sex and Sexuality

Dan - Columbia, Maryland
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that sex and sexuality should be embraced in our culture. Honestly, I hate how truly immature our nation – nay, our species – has gotten over something so natural. Maybe that’s why it’s so taboo. It’s primal, primitive, and requires an apparent lack of civilization, which is just so not true!

Doesn’t anyone feel silly that we kind of do things backwards as compared to the rest of the world (particularly other Western cultures)? They celebrate sex and hide violence. We do the opposite. What’s up with that? Now, I actually support our agenda a little, because you can show a little kid some wacko blasting off zombie heads, and the kid knows it’s a movie. But show him some skin or a little demonstration of sorts, and he’s probably going to try it. Heck, we probably all did when we were kids.

Back to my original point. We should be celebrating sex and sexuality. What’s wrong with models and women who like to show of their bodies? What’s wrong with anyone liking sex a lot? How come women are called sluts and whores, but men are seen as players and alphas? I think anyone having sex with anyone is just super, even if they’re gay. I could care less about whether you’re gay or not.

I don’t know what to say without just repeating things over and over. My bottom line is that anyone who tries to exemplify their sexuality, maybe by wearing skimpy clothing or stuff like that, should be left alone. What’s wrong with being who you want to be? It’s not hurting anyone. It’s not like you’re an exhibitionist or doing crazy stuff in public.

Really, I just think everyone should be more mature. I wish I had organized myself more, but I’m tired and sick, and this is all I have on my mind right now. A pity. In any case, I’ve stated my point and elaborated. So that’s what I believe.