This I Believe

Pablo - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in God because of the many experiences in my life. I do not remember when exactly I was saved but I only remember that I was young. Throughout my life I have gone to a Christian school and I think that has benefited me in many ways. One way is spiritual because throughout the day our teachers try to incorporate the Bible into our lessons. I also have a Bible class every day which helps me lean more about God and we also memorize Bible verses which me in my walk with God. I feel safer in a Christian school because I am around Christian people which let me know that I am safe. When I was young I went to Splashtown in Spring, TX. That day I got on a ride that I thought was not deep but it turns out that where I ended up it was 8 ft deep. That day I remember that I almost drowned and I think that if it was not for God and the lifeguards I would have died. These past two or three years have really opened my eyes and I have realized that what I would be without God. This past summer I went through some experiences that have changed me forever. I became really close to someone and in the end it did not turn out the way I wanted but I believe that God is in control and He knows what He is doing. A couple of months ago that same person tried to commit suicide and I felt bad because I sincerely thought that I could have done something to stop it. I kept beating myself up for a while but over time God let me know that everything was going to be alright. I will truthfully believe for the rest of my life in God