I Believe in Friendship

Andrea - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone has many friends involved in their life but very few of these friends make a lasting impression.

I believe that those friends who had affected your life, though you may no longer interact with one another, had been placed in you life for a special purpose.

When I first switched schools in the 7th grade I was understandably nervous, I had never really had such a dramatic change in my life before. Luckily that year there was plenty of new students and most of them were girls. It took a while but I eventually became friends with a few of the new students. One of my new friends was a girl, I won’t say her name but she definitely impacted my life. In that school year we were best friends and we always had such fun. I don’t think there was ever a day that we were actually serious and I can’t remember if we ever got angry at each other (I doubt we ever did). My new best friend wasn’t really the angry type; she was funny and fun to be around. Once in our science class (I think it was health?) there was a painting in our textbook of Adam (from the Bible) riding a lion in the Garden of Eden (keep in mind this was before clothes were invented). We could not stop laughing and the more we attempted to cover up our laughter the more we wanted to laugh. Eventually our teacher had had enough and told us to go out into the hallway and return to class when we were done laughing. Of course we never went back to class and we thought our teacher was pretty stupid to think that we were mature enough to choose to return to learning rather than to talk in the hallway.

The next year we grew farther apart and the gap in our friendship widened each year until by sophomore year we were barely talking. My “new” best friend had changed a lot; she no longer was as fun and she was definitely more serious (because of family problems). But I don’t remember her like that. I still think of her as she was when she was my 7th grade best friend. I really feel that because of her influence 7th grade was my favorite grade overall; she made it so enjoyable and memorable. I believe that old friendships existed to make me smile and laugh in the future. This I believe.