I Believe in My Right to Drink

Ryan - Chesapeake, Virginia
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe the legal age for consumption of alcohol should be lowered to eighteen. Many people may think I’m crazy and only stating this because I’m not twenty-one yet. However, I believe in my rights and am an adult under legal terms. Therefore, I have every right any other adult over twenty-one has, except the right to drink alcohol. Why is this right held from me? Being eighteen, I am considered a legal adult and am now expected to make responsible, adult choices. I can instantly go out and purchase lottery tickets, cigarettes, or even pornography. I am eligible to establish credit and am responsible for my own bills. I am also no longer dependent on my parents. These are just a few of my basic rights, but not the most important. The three most important rights and responsibilities I have as an adult are voting, being charged as an adult in a court of law, and defending my nation in the military. I believe that if I can vote and voice my opinion for my choice of chief-executive of my country, then I should have the same rights older adults possess as well. I also believe that if I can be charged as an adult in a court of law, then I shouldn’t be denied any other adult rights. Finally, and most important, I am able to join the military and defend my country. Why on Earth am I able to join the military and fight in a war, daily putting my own life at risk, to be denied the right to drink alcohol? Many people will say that the reason my right to drink is restricted is due to my immaturity as a developing adult. However, I am not too immature to shoot a gun at another human being for my nation’s well being. One might also say we young adults don’t understand the implications of driving intoxicated and will treat alcohol irresponsibly. I believe that if the legal age to drink was lowered, then many young adults would not drink as much and would view drinking as a more “mature” thing to do. While no longer having the “coolness” factor of drinking, I also believe that the percentage of drunk drivers under age twenty-one would decrease and there would be fewer alcohol-related accidents. At eighteen, the government calls me an adult, treats as an adult, and expects me to act as an adult, but holds this one right from me. I have no true desire to drink often, but I do feel I should be able to enjoy a drink, if I please, as I am a legal adult. I am expected to make the correct adult decisions so the government shouldn’t have to make them for me. I would expect to have ALL of my rights as a legal adult. “This I believe.”