I believe in challenging yourself

Nidia - Colorado
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As a girl in high school, freshmen year its difficult being the quiet person who never talks but only when I have to answer questions in class. My resolution this year is to communicate with my peers and others. I get nervous when I have to talk in front of my class mates but the thing is I know that their not paying any attention to me, even when the teacher wants them to be polite and listen. There quiet but I know their messing around with there expensive i-touches and all there fancy technology stuff. But it doesn’t bother me because I prefer it that way. When I see my classmates talking to each other I sometimes envy them because they have so much to talk about and they seem to never run out of thing to talk about. As for me its difficult to start a conversation and keep it going, my conversations don’t last that long even with my friends that I’ve been friends with since elementary school. I go to a school where a lot of people know the kids as snobby stuck up, rich kids. Most kids talk about cool places they’ve been or just their i-touches and peoples clothes or fashion. I knew this girl who kept loosing her i-touch and her parents kept buying them for her every time she would loose the. A lot of kids talk to each other cause they know each other and when I came to this school only a few from my other school came to the same school im going to. And those few people that came I don’t talk to. And for the couple friends I know…I feel like an outcast. When im around friends and family I feel like an even more misfit because their all loud and outgoing and just fun to be around. I get pressured by family and friends to talk more and it’s just too difficult for me. Until this day I am working up my guts to have the courage to talk more because I feel like I need to cause all the people im around can have a good time together and when im around them is seems that I am the fun sucker. That is why I believe in challenging yourself.