Sheridan - 80620, Colorado
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the hope of one’s spirit, even if the voice of one so small can show the magnificent spirit one can hold deep within.

Now being the age of 18, I’ve started to notice more of how little things mean more than most think. This was proven to me, by a small boy named, “Avery.” Avery, who appeared small and quiet, showed to be a very outgoing young boy. He came into the office of Miracle ear, a hearing aide business, with his grandpa, whom had an appointment that day. His grandpa went back with the hearing specialist, and Avery sat out in the lobby with me. Not knowing who I was, or ever been in the presence of me, introduced him self and asked of what my name was. Within a small amount of time, he revealed a story that touched my heart, and soon touched others.

I sat there, while he told me of his past experience and how he became to live here and Greeley, Colorado with his grandparents, he loved so much. He then told me, how he and his brothers and sister’s had to come to live with his grandparents. From what I could understand from him, was him and his siblings ran and hid, from whom or why I don’t know. Then he said they found us and brought us to live here. I sat there with astonishment of how he was so calm, and unafraid from the events he most of went through in his short lived life. So to change the subject I asked him how he liked it here in Colorado. He replied, “It’s very cold here, Texas is really hot.” Avery then explained how he loved the snow and was excited for it to snow here, because he’s never seen snow.

“Does it snow here,” Avery then asked. I said yes, and he smiled. Without knowing what his reply would be, I asked him if he was excited for Christmas. Shockingly, his face went from joyful, to a sad look. Avery then said, “Yeah, but Santa never comes to Texas, my mom said he’s to busy.” Now almost in tears, I replied, “you know that Santa comes to Colorado, don’t you.” Quickly a big grin came across his little face and asked, “Have you ever seen him?” Yeah I answered, “I’ve taken pictures with Santa.” By this time, his grandpa had finished his appointment and came out to schedule a new appointment. When they were about to leave, I said, “I hope you have a good Christmas, and Santa visits you this year.” He smiled and replied, “I hope so to, I’ve been really good.” His grandpa smiled and took Avery by the hand, said, “If only Santa had money,” and walked him out the door, and there I sat amazed.

It was then I realized that I take the little things such as every little kid, knowing and getting to see Santa every year. How it never crossed my mind, that there could be some kids out there, who never knew or got a Christmas present, cause of family problems, or anything else. Also, how one boy, although he had been told Santa was to busy for him and his family, still hoped and believed, someday he’d get to see Santa, and have a Christmas present and a Christmas tree to wake up to on December 25th. It’s sad to think about, but at the same time, it’s heart touching. This year Avery and his family will get to experience there first Christmas ever. Some local businesses and churches, along with a church in Alaska, are donating food, toys, clothes, and whatever they can to help this some family have there first Christmas. Who was inspired by a 3 year old boy, named Avery.