Ho Ho Ho

Kevin - Fairfield, California
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In the wee hours of a frigid dark night, you hear a tapping that startles you from sleep. Your eyes widen in fright, looking for any sign of a predator, however your sight does not reach the living room, where a fat old man has found his way into your house, and is currently eating your food and milk, later planting suspiciously wrapped packages about your house. His padded footsteps slowly make their way toward your room, as he goes to pay you a little visit…

Nowadays, if Santa Claus happened to exist, he wouldn’t get past Canada before the Mounties were called on his fat ass. The same goes for his cohorts. I can see the headlines now, “Tooth Fairy tried for Mysterious Bedtime Visits.” Plus, I’m sure grand theft biology would be frowned upon by most state laws, or at least the American Dental Association. As for the Easter Bunny…well, he’s just freaky. Somebody call Animal Control, and bring the big tranquilizer, please.

Today we have lost all the magic in the world to fear and suspicion. This is more than just the flying-reindeer-pixie-dust magic though. This is the magic that rests within each of us. Hope. Love. Imagination. All of it is being consumed by the violence and cynicism that courses through our contemporary culture. No longer can we enjoy the fantasy of egg-bearing rabbits. That is too whimsical, and all whimsy must be destroyed. No longer can we anticipate the silver bells of Jolly Old Saint Nick. That is too exciting, and all optimism must be abolished. Farewell to the shock of a silver dollar beneath our pillows in the morning. That is too illogical, and reason must manifest itself into all surprise. The world today is so worried about becoming lost in fantasy, that we have become lost in reality. Science dissects everything, and math accounts for all the little pieces. And once all is disassembled and sorted by size and shape, what do you have? A whole bunch of screws and springs. A whole bunch of screws and springs that can never be reassembled, for in the process, you have destroyed the glue; happiness.

In some cases, knowledge is not power. Knowledge is the weakness of submitting yourself to the despot of logic. Ignorance is just the same, only it is a flawed logic. The true power often rests in not knowing, and offering equal opportunity to be correct to all fantasies, ideologies, and theories. Then, and only then, you are offered the benefits of an entire world of possibilities, not just a frown-lined view of excessive thought. Think agnosticism lacks in a belief system? I believe in God. I believe in Buddha, and I believe in Zeus. I believe in Harry Potter, and I believe in Darwin. I believe in good, I believe in evil, and I believe in Lime Jello. I believe in global warming, and I believe in geocentricism. And I believe in Santa Claus.

How’s that for a belief system?