What is Music?

Anthony - Houston, Texas
Entered on December 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

What is music, but a compilation of melodic tones and ever traveling rhythms? Is it more than sonic waves entering through our ears, triggering sensors that furnish our minds with aesthetic indulgences?

Ultimately derived from the Latin word mousa, it is strictly translated as “muse”, muses were believed to be the “divine light’, per say of an artist of any discipline. The muse was what these craftsmen would fall to for inspiration, enlightenment, and the hopeful creation of the next masterpiece. One to gape open the minds of even the most hermetic of onlookers. With such a prolific extraction, music itself cannot be allowed to fall below its hereditary reputation.

For an artist of sound, or rather a musician, music is pure bliss. Music is the epitome of our lives. It is what we care about, what we think about, what we are constantly pursuing.

For that matter, music is not only for those keen on its foundation. Music influences nearly every facet of life. Examples for all of these facets are ever present, as the main emphasis or merely the white noise that helps us to function.

Music is found within every religion. Of sorts, instrumented and vocalized, for praise and worship of any sort, or in some cases the lack of it.

Music is found with every holiday, pagan or not. A song or a tune can be found for all of it.

Music can be heard resonating from the cubicle next to yours, although often, unfortunately, jammed on the smooth jazz station of your respected cities.

Music can be found at school throughout the nation, inspiring children’s minds within a teacher’s sophomore geometry class, or within the music chambers of the high school marching band.

As a matter of fact, the next time you go into a store, or a public place, see just how many things can be attributed to music. The result may astound you.

And this is what musicians set out to do. We set out to make an impact on your life. No matter what size, on a grand scale or sub consciously.

As a musician of sorts, and a fanatic of it, I have come to understand these impacts and appreciate even the most miniscule of pieces. Music has become an everlasting part of my life. Influencing nearly everything I do, and everything I plan to do.

One day I hope to walk into a store and hear the man sitting in the corner of the coffee shop say, “You know this tune is pretty catchy… It really makes me feel good.”

I believe that of the many things that can influence people, of the many things that drive us as humans, of the many things that inspire us to take that next step, music is widely undermined.

Music is as it is rooted. It is the Muse to our generation, generations past, and generations to come. It is the hidden life line of the human race. This I believe.