I believe in Love

Cherise - Gilbert, Arizona
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in Love

I believe that love is something with a constant change. This feeling is a learned emotion, a learned process, and something that everyone finds. I have been lucky enough to find it so quickly. Find, where was it hiding? Inside of my heart is the only place love hides. Love is an emotion that I feel when I see my nephew, I see his eyes sparkle and his smile and I love him. When I gaze into the eyes of the man I love the most, and he glances back with his crooked smile and I know, its love.

The hardest thing about love, I believe, is knowing when it’s not there. Being able to know when it is no longer love but just a strong feeling, a lust. There is a saying, “love hurts”, but I believe that it’s not love that hurts, but the absence of love that hurts. Love begins to hurt when I find that someone in bed with another or when I watch a love walk away from me. This love I still hold for them is hindered, but what about their love for me? These feelings are still there but how did they get there? I believe that they no longer love me, and that hurts, but I still love them. These never ending feelings in my heart are love. Love is a constant, something that will change from person to person, but not from the person loving, just the recipient. I make the choice to love or not to love. Knowing when to make this decision is tough. Learning to love is even harder. I didn’t learn to love from my parents or from a boyfriend; I learned to love by loving. I believe in learning to love by loving, not having someone tell me how to love or tell me where to find love. It’s just like my first kiss, everyone can tell me how it was going to be, but I had to experience it myself.

I believe love is more than an emotion, more than a learned feeling, it’s a piece of my heart linked to another heart. It takes a huge toll on a life, on my life. Sometimes it makes me exhausted, and yet sometimes it gives me the feeling of never-ending energy and life. When I look into another’s eyes and see their heart, I believe this is the best feeling ever. I believe that love is no longer a piece of me, but once I make the decision to love, it becomes a piece of the other heart. Love is made for two, made for a lover and a recipient, but in turn they should both be lovers. I receive a sense of security in love; knowing that I have someone to confide in, someone who shares joys, pains, laughter, and shares the deep connection of my heart. We have the love of love. The love from two hearts being in one love.

I believe that love comes from the heart within. It is something I give to others around me without asking for love in return, but knowing it is there. There is no guarantee in life that I’ll be loved back, but don’t we all hope? My love is mine to give and I can’t control how others love. My love is all I know. Being able to connect my heart to a hurting teen, or connect my heart to a single mother, a friend, a family member, is the biggest highlight of my day. I believe that the more I love others, the more I’ll feel loved in return. No matter what kind of day I’ve had if I love, then I’m given love in return. I believe love is an ever-changing necessity.