This I Believe

Tori - Franklin, Kentucky
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I Believe”

I believe that it is good to go to college. There are many reasons why college is good. Some examples include I’m pursuing my education, a different living experience, and a better job.

I believe that it’s good because I am pursuing my education. This helps me learn more. When I know more then it makes me feel smarter and more helpful. The way this makes me feel like I’d be more helpful is I’d be helping the world to be a better place. Such as I could become a doctor, nurse, teacher, etc.

I believe that when going to college students shouldn’t live at home. This I believe helps me learn to be on my own. Also, I believe this gives more freedom to make my own mistakes on my own. I also believe that this will give me more friends and help me how to meet new people. Also, these friends can help others with assignments that they’re having a hard time understanding. I believe I feel this away because I live at home and I have friends that live in the dorms in Lexington, KY that like it a lot. I believe this would be a great experience. I have never been very far from home for long and I believe that living in a dorm would just be awesome to endure.

I believe this will give me better work opportunities. I believe that if I have a college education it gives me more to choose from in a career. A better career gives you more to choose from and more money because you’ll have a better career. In this world and time the more money I make the better living condition me and my family would have. With an education I can choose to be anything I want such as a Doctor, Scientist, Teacher, etc.

I am the first in my family to go to college. My family believes that this is very important for me, so that I can have a better life than them. They have had a hard life and they want better for me. I believe that college is very beneficial.