I Believe That War Is Inedible

Bethany - Thomasville, North Carolina
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that every child should have the right to remain a child no matter the circumstance. Those born from poor families, rich families, Muslims, Christians, etc should all have the right to live without fear for at least a few years. The children of this world, in other words, should be able to stay pure for as long as they can without the fear of war, abuse, or abandonment. They should live without fear or pain, and then a few years later they can live with it. Remembering nothing but the joys of lollipops, and the pain of failure as they live through their lives.

I also believe that each person was born in this world for a reason. Be it to save somebody, destroy the evils of this world, or to bring a new joy in life so that everyone can enjoy it. We are given our various talents, and gifts for a reason. And that is to achieve our place in this world, and fulfill our destinies. Without a plan already written out for us, our lives would seem chaotic. Leaving us in a world filled with blindness, and unachievable goals.

My final belief is that war is forever, as long as the human nature stays competitive. Without competition, we would all seem like equals and many of us could not handle that mere thought. So, as long as we all have a point to prove we will always have war. It’s inedible really. We all use guns to scare our competitors out, so that we can all say that our point is more acceptable than there’s. Even if we choose to force that upon others through the fear of dying. As an American, I know that we are not cowards, but then again I have already foreseen that we are not very smart either. I hate war, but it’s going to happen so you might as well enjoy life as you can! Hey that can be my last belief instead. To enjoy life. Yeah, I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy life while we can because tomorrow may not always be there.