haoran - solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Every year, during the Christmas season, you can always find volunteers for the Salvation Army standing outside Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle with selfless devotion in the bitter frost. And every time I see them, I cannot help but search my pockets for money and think of ways to help the needy.

When I was twelve, I went along with my parents to the buy the groceries. We had just finished checking out so we were heading to our car. When we walked out of the store, I saw a man standing next to a collection tin ringing a bell. He appeared to be sprinkled with frost and yet he was still cheerful about his job. I decided to dig into my pockets and searched for some change. I found a few dollars so I put them in the can. The man thanked me for my generosity and continued to ring his bell to attract more potential donators. My dad noticed that I had stopped to donate and complemented me.

The next day we decided to fill a box with our old clothes to send to the Salvation Army. We spent the day cleaning out ancient business suits and shoes form my dad’s closet, and coats and scarves from my mom’s closet. Finally we started to tackle the monstrous pile of hurricane wreckage that dwelled my closet. We dismantled the beast and untangled long chains of t-shirts and shoelaces. Everything that did not fit, from sneakers that I had no chance of ever fitting into to centuries old jeans that crush the life out of me even with the zipper down, got throw into the box. We filled 2 giant boxes of shirts, sneakers and heart. In the end, it is probably we who give that feel better that those who received.

This leads me to believe in generous giving. Giving to others proves that you are a person capable of feeling compassion towards the troubles of others. It is what can hold us together in hard times of economic trouble. I believe that giving is important to moral development and helps your conscience speak out louder. So earn yourself some good karma, in this Christmas season, giving to the needy is the best gift you can give to yourself.