Running Through Life

Brett - Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

For four years I had the opportunity to experience the power and medicinal strength of running. After rough days in school, where nothing seemed to go as planned, I knew once that bell rang, everything would be forgotten. To step onto that track, was to step into a realm of concentration and togetherness. All the stress and anger built up from school would quickly be diminished because it would have to be. No great track athlete can let the problems of his life affect his training.

I believe in the power of running. More than just a way to stay in shape and increase athleticism, running serves as a source of relief. Nothing seemed to sooth a bad day than to step onto that track knowing you’re about to put yourself through the worst pain of your life. Certainly, no bad test grade or lunch detention would continue to haunt you through such a grueling practice. It’s almost like taking a shower after jumping in a puddle of mud. No matter how thick the mud, any great shower can wash away the soot of a poor decision. Countless times, I would leave school so frazzled, stuck thinking about a conundrum, that my mind was about to melt away. But, I knew once I put on my workout clothes and walked down to the track, I would have to put away all my problems and focus on getting the best training possible. Not to mention, I had some of my best friends and athletes there to push me along the way.

It is truly miraculous how such a terrible day can be completely altered by simply engaging in activity. But, I can attest that the same does not bode for soccer practice. The only reasoning I can give to this is that there is much down time during soccer practice to think about stuff. And, after a rough, stressful day, it’s hard to ignore the terrible truths facing you. So there you stand at the starting line ready to start the most grueling workout of the season. Just before practice, you found out you got a D on your Calc Test. But, that will be quickly forgotten. It truly is miraculous and hard to explain. I guess the brain can only focus on one thing. So when you’re running, you obviously can’t focus on the truth. And when you’re done, you feel so tired and sick that you definitely won’t remember the truth. It really is a beautiful thing.