Traditions Bring Us Together

Lauren - Williamsburg, Virginia
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, legacy

Traditions can be silly, like an Easter egg hunt, or they can be serious like taking a summer trip. I believe everyone no matter how old or young should create a tradition with someone they care about.

One of the earliest traditions started in my family was the Easter egg hunt. This tradition evolved as my sister and I got older, and the competition has become fierce. We have reached the point were we do not want candy to be in the eggs anymore, we want paper slips. The slips have money amounts on them, trips to the mall, dinners out, and even being able to have a party. Slips were my mothers invention to keep the tradition alive and fun for us as we got older. Eggs were hidden in the tire rims on my truck, in the dog box, and taped under the hand rails of the porch. There was even one locked in the car, causing us to have to find the keys.

Thanksgiving is another holiday with traditions. We ordered a Turducken from Cajun Grocers online, a chicken in a duck in a turkey. We were not expecting the meat would be very tender and taste great. The smell from the Turduken cooking was intoxicating, especially when mixed with the smells of the other food. The Turducken was large enough that we could have left overs, but it was so delicious the entire thing got eaten. Over the years the Turducken has become famous in our family, we even made it into the news paper for it once.

A tradition that is becoming my favorite is a new one that was just started this year. It is a weekend getaway with my boyfriend during the summer. It was started last summer in June with a birthday present to my boyfriend. I decided to take him to Cedar Point in Ohio for the weekend. It is an amusement park with fast roller coasters and loud screams. Being in a car for at least three hours, singing to the radio and looking for rest stops is a good way to test a relationship for strength. The radio is up, the directions were on a sticky note on the dash, with both of us singing to the songs on the radio. He changed the words to get me to giggle and mess up my own singing. It was a fun filled weekend with no parents and no set schedule. We then decided that every summer we would find someplace to spend a weekend away from everything. There are only three rules for the new tradition we started. The destination chosen has to be out of state, and the trip can only last for the weekend, and there is no set schedule.

New traditions are refreshing and fun. They can be a great get away or something to bring the family together.