Why Complain?

Carlos - Clarksville, Tennessee
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: citizenship

This I Believe

I believe people complain too much about life, or how they have to deal with the way they live. If you took the time out to listen to someone’s conversation as you walk by them, most of the time you would hear them complain about how they have to pay their cell phone bills, watch their child after work, or even study for an hour and going to class.

Most of the things people complain about daily, are things they chose to do. No one makes a student attend college, have a child or own a cell phone, so most of the things we Americans whine about can be avoided. I believe we as a society have put it upon ourselves to become lazy as the years have gone by.

I also believe that people complain a lot about things that cannot be changed. For example, the 2008 election was won by Obama, many people did not like this and were furious. The night of the election I logged into Facebook to check my e-mail, and I saw some of my friend’s comments on the election. Some of the comments were saying things like, “America is doomed for the next four years.”, “ I hope he only last two weeks in office.” etc. I also believe that it is very silly for Americans to complain about things that go on in America.

America is supposed to be the strongest country in the world when it comes to money, but yet we complain so much about economy. People in America have so many opportunities to be successful, and a big percentage of the people don’t take advantage of it. Citizens in other countries would love to be in an Americans shoes for a day.

There are many down falls if a society that complains. One disadvantage is that there would be no sense of unity in the society, everyone would be bickering and arguing about things that are inevitable. In America there seems to be a little bit of unity, but if people complain everyday it could destroy what little bit of unity we have.

People know that bickering about things wont change them, yet we continue to do so. When things don’t go our way it is easy to complain about it rather than do something about it. I believe that if an issue is big enough to complain about, then it is big enough to actually take action and fix what you think is wrong.

If you took the time you waste on complaining and actually did something about the issue I believe you would get more accomplished, also for the most part the more you complain the less you get done. One exception, is if you are in an organization and came together to get something done about the complaint.. For example, a teacher at my high school had gotten fired, (a teacher that the students loved), rather than whining about it, the student body put together a petition and had the decision over ruled.

In conclusion, I believe that people complain too much, rather than getting the job done themselves, they would rather sit around and whine about issues that cannot be changed unless they get out and make a difference on their own. In today’s society, it takes more than just bickering and complaining about an issue to get things done. There are many other ways to get things done, such as getting petitions signed, talking to the leaders of organizations, or taking the issue to court. So instead of complaining do your society a favor and actually get involved.