This i believe

Dan - lincoln, Nebraska
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

This I believe

Year 2008 I would have never guessed we would have our first black president I figured there was still too much against him in this year for that to happen. Our president barrack obama over came all the odds against him. For that I believe anything can happen if you believe.

February 10th 1996, I was only five years old I was on the way to my aunts house with my mom and older brother. It was cold out and it had just snowed and it was really cold out side. This is a memory that will never go way. My brother and me were in the back fighting over the toy we had just got at the McDonalds. I saw my mom reach back to take the toy away from us. As she focused her eyes back on the road all you could here is her scream. Then a boom.

We had crashed.

After 13 hours of surgery and a plate put in the middle of my chest I had finally woke up in the hospital with pain all over my body. Wondering in my head what had happen and where I was? My mom telling me that everything was ok and how much she loved me. I didn’t really understand then what happened. I had broken rib and cracked my sternum. I remember having all the wires on my body. The doctor telling my mom that I had a 30 percent chance to be able to breathe with out a machine.

After several months out of the hospital, the doctor saw my lungs had progressed much more then she had expected and released me off of the breathing machine.