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Thi - lincoln, Nebraska
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
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I think of life as if it was a continuous obstacle course. It is tricky and challenging. We may fall after a trip or mistake, but once we get back up, we learn from it so we would know how to avoid the problem the next time it comes around. I believe mistakes make you wiser, some may learn it the hard way; others may learn it from watching other people making the mistakes. I, unfortunately, learned mine the hard way.

I am the biggest procrastinator that I’ve ever known, but most of the time I tend to get away with doing so. My junior year last year I slacked off in most of my classes but somehow I had decent grades of A’s and B’s. What I didn’t know was my 2nd period class, dif pre-cal, was another story. First semester I barely had a C+ even though I did horrible in tests and turned assignments in late. Second semester however, I was morose to end my junior year with a D in my math class. I guess when I realized how much I’d slack in that class, it was just too late to do anything about it. It not only brought my GPA down, but I’ve never had a D in my life so I was pretty upset with myself.

Senior year class registration came along and I was so determined to replace that D, so I decided to take pre-cal once again and actually try. Just from being lazy, I suffered the consequence of having to take this class all over again.

I learned to always try to try things your best the first time around. My senior year now is going pretty well as of grades. I turn assignments in late every now and then, but I always tell myself that