I believe that soldier to soldier therapy is key

gregory - columbia, Maryland
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I have recently returned from the war in Iraq and along with my return were inner conflicts with dealing with what I saw and did. For the last few months it ate away at me and had severely held me back from everyday tasks. I wanted to do nothing more than sleep and be lazy. Granted my duty was no comparison to what others may have experienced but was just as frustrating. My mission was simple but became more complicated as time went on. The unit was losing sleep due to constant add on missions, missions that were not originally part of the deployment. But as good soldiers we adapted and moved on. So upon my return like I said I also brought home some baggage, the inability to reintegrate into society. I really had no one to speak to about how I was feeling, and after two attempts to seek help the center cancelled both of my appointments. After the return of a friend who had also just returned from Iraq we had gotten together and after our hellos we started talking about our experiences. Although our experiences were different we could relate. Much heartache were shared but felt better afterwards. The V.A. offers many one on one and group sessions but I did not find it helpful. So with my time with just one person who has been to Iraq has been more helpful to me than under counselor controlled meetings. And this I believe will and can help many suffering from being in a war zone.