Practice makes Perfect

Amin - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Vince Lombardi said“ Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” You can’t always know if you’re practicing perfectly, but repetition certainly helps you improve. I believe practice makes perfect. As a student, this is one phrase I hear often; not only from teachers but also peers. My parents would tell me, Avani, practice and you’ll get it. Since the day I was born these are the words that I would get frustrated with. Maybe it was because I would hear them constantly, or maybe it was because I was not able to accomplish my goals. I wasn’t sure. But what I do know is that one must try, and try again in order to achieve perfection.

My first day in high school showed me this. Having just moved from another country, the classes were different. My teacher didn’t know how to pronounce my name, nor did my classmates. Did it bother me? Yes, a little. Coming from school in India where everyone knew each other’s name, made the transition in the States a little tough. After much practice towards the end of the school year, my teacher finally called me by my first name instead of my last. This taught my teacher that with practice anything is possible. I told her this; she agreed.

My tennis coach in the States told me to concentrate and focus on what I needed to practice to come closer to perfection. After hearing these words, I understood what my parents were saying to me. During after- school practice our coach gave us two tips: to work hard and to have fun. We showed how perfect we were at that when we won the city championship game. Work hard meant having our shirts soaked in perspiration to make perfect. And if you aren’t having fun practicing and being with your fellow teammates then it is not perfect. I learned this the hard way. Being the only young one to make the team that was made up mostly of older girls showed me that I would have work my tail off to keep up and have fun.

Hard work and practice helped this realistic goal come true. As the season came to an end, my coach told me you will never be successful in life without practice. I looked at her in her eyes and told her, “Coach practice does make perfect.” It doesn’t even have to be perfect practice. When I hear this phrase it doesn’t bother me anymore, knowing that I know it is true. This is what I believe.