I believe…

Julia - solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My Mom, Dad, and I stood outside. My lips chattered as the rain pierced my skin. We watched my brother play flag football. As the boys tackle each other, I grip my arms so tight thinking about how chilly I am. My mom and I talked about how we don’t understand the game of flag football at all. We observe as my dad paces up and down the field, nervously biting his nails, telling the players what to do. My mom and I snicker, thinking that it’s just a nine year old football game. Who would have imagined this night would ever turn into such a horrid evening.

We get home from the game and my dad whispers to my mom. I wonder what they are chatting about, I thought to my self. “Can you and your brother please sit down?” My mom whispered in an extremely worried voice.

I got very nervous as I sat down. Things started running around my head, is everything ok, and is someone hurt? My brother, Dad, Mom, and I all surrounded our table in the kitchen room. It was a very silent night; therefore all I could hear are the noises from the owls. My Dad started to explain how my mom has been going to many doctors for the past couple weeks. He told us that they had kept asking her to come back to the doctor. I knew something was wrong, but what was it? My dad told us, in a dreadful voice, that my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. My jaw dropped as my eyes started to water. I started to shake like a vibrating phone. This was a nightmare, I kept thinking. I took a peak at my mom; she was in tears. I began to cry. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. How my Mom, such a loving, caring, gentle person could be diagnosed with such a horrendous thing. My brother wasn’t quite in tears because he didn’t really understand what was going on. My dad explained that she will be receiving surgery on December twelfth. He said they had discussed how the doctors found it very early thankfully. I sat in my chair my head in my hands weeping. My dad clarified it to my brother, and that’s when it hit him like a ball striking him in a dodge ball game. We all sat there hushed for a couple minutes thinking. “I will be fine I will still be able to do everything. I will only be a little tired after the surgery, but that’s all.” My mom hesitated.

I had asked my mom a lot of questions like will it come back, and will she have to stay overnight during the surgery? My mom said hopefully it won’t come back and she said she wouldn’t have to stay overnight. I was petrified.

These passed couple long weeks has been very hard on all of us. I’ve informed a lot of my friends and now I’m telling you. I know that everyone will be helping my family and me through all of this. There have been some hard times but my family and I will get through every single obstacle that occurs. This is why I believe with my whole entire passionate heart, that my mother will be okay and live through all of this. My mom is my hero, my friend, but most importantly I love her more then life itself. That is why I believe she will be okay.