Family Matters

Kailey - solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Family Matters

As far as I was concerned, that day started off just like any other ordinary day. It was the usual gray, depressing skies, with the slight bitterness of the cool winter air. The wind whipped around as if it were sending out a warning, trying to get my attention.

The clock struck 6:30 as it always does, when we sat down for a family dinner. It was a Sunday night, which always means a homemade meal! This was when my family catches up on what we have going on during the week, and anything else that just happens to come up. We were eating my favorite dinner, spaghetti, when the phone rang and my dad jumped up to answer. As soon as I saw his face go from a carefree mood, to a serious, concerned mood, I knew our Sunday night dinner would be cut short!

What seemed like centuries transpired in a matter of moments. As my dad hung up the phone he grabbed his jacket.

“Get in the car!” He stated.

My family did as we were told and quicker then a wink, we were on our way to the Cleveland Clinic Hospital.

During the car ride my dad had explained to us that Poppy, my grandpa from my dad’s side, had choked on a piece of his steak which didn’t surprise us all that much. He likes his steak so well done, that it resembles a rock. The atmosphere in the car was quiet and unbearable. I didn’t bother to ask any further questions because I knew that it would just make matters worse, and this was not the time to try anything that would add tension to the moment.

As we arrived to the hospital, I got a low, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. This place was cruelly unfamiliar, but for some reason it brought up bad memories from the past, which I would prefer to remain in the past. As we crept through the doors leading us to the waiting room, I saw my grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousin. My grandma was shuttering, with her face in her hands. My uncle was reading, trying to stay out of the loop, my aunt was informing us on any unanswered questions, and my cousin and I were trying to lighten up the mood, by taking the attention off the problem and onto something else. We waited and waited and waited for hours before we got any kind of update on the stressful, heart pounding situation. We were doing anything we could to entertain ourselves and push aside the worrying and bad thoughts. Finally some one called our family over, and informed us on the situation.

The nurses had sputtered out that they had gotten the piece of steak out of his throat which relieved us all, because that meant he was going to be ok, but following the good news they said that there was a small piece still lodged in his esophagus, and he would need to get further test and x-rays. Still with this news, I felt a heavy, bone crushing weight lift off my shoulders.

As we left the hospital and loaded into the car, I realized something. My family had all joined here together to make sure my grandpa was going to be ok. We had all stopped what we were previously doing, and rushed over to the hospital. I believe that no matter what you encounter, having the support and love of your family is the strongest medicine of all.