Angel Baby

chelsee - Alton, Illinois
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children, family, love

When she first got the call, my grandma, was driving down the road. All of a sudden she started to cry and she wouldn’t stop screaming “my baby, my baby!” this was the day that my two year old cousin Idione “Dooda” Kyles was shot. Him and his four year old brother were at there fathers house and were told to go check on the baby girl who was in her bouncer on the middle of the bed sleeping. Quanotho Kyles Jr., Doodas older brother of four, found a shot gun in the corner of the room. He believed it wasn’t real. He pointed it at Dooda and said “bam” next thing you know Idione was laying on the floor with blood coming out of him. Quanotho “Q” Kyles Sr. heard the “clap” and ran into the room. He said that Dooda was laying there like a rock, still as could be.

My aunt, T-T, Mary had called my grandma because she heard that there had been a shooting at Q’s house. My grandma stopped the car, got out told my sister to drive, and called everyone she knew. Starting with family. My sister was asking her where to go because she was unfamiliar with the back roads. We first went to my grandmas’ house where some of the family members were. We had a big van so everyone crammed in. The other family members who were scattered through out town were called and met us at St. Anthony’s Hospital, where Dooda and first been taken.

Q had called his sister and an ambulance to come pick up Dooda. Q’s sister had gotten there first; she took Idione from Q’s arms and ran to her vehicle. They both say that Dooda died three times in her arms and she had to give him CPR on the way to the hospital. Dooda was at St. Anthony’s for only about forty five minutes. This was to prepare him to fly in a helicopter, transferring him to Cardinal Glennon. If he would have been awake it would have been his first helicopter ride. Mary was at her home when she got the call of her two year old son getting shot. She immediately asked her neighbor to drive her from Thebes to Alton so she could be with her baby. By the time she got there we were all at Cardinal Glennon.

This whole time Idiones oldest sibling Ivoree was at her grandmothers house no one would let her watch the news anymore and they had to keep the fact that her baby brother of only two years was in the hospital due to the fact that he had gotten shot. Two of the oldest cousin around my age, LaShia and Lamar were out of town. Dooda was LaShia and Lamar’s heart. Well put it this way he is everyone’s heart. We were on our way to Cardinal Glennon when my aunt, T-T, Gina called her daughter and son. I remember her words till this day. She had called LaShia first, her words were, “LaShia, She She boo, Dooda bug has been shot”. She could here the pain in her mom’s voice and her mother could here the tears fall down her daughters face. Gina had waited to get to the hospital to call Lamar. Once she called her son, he couldn’t say anything, he was speechless.

The bullet went threw Dooda from puncturing his right lung to fractioning his seventh and eighth vertebrae. He was in the hospital for at least a good month. Mary wouldn’t leave his bedside. The only time she would, would to go to the restroom, catch a cigarette break or eat. Idione was in ICU for children. Only two people at a time were allowed back to see him. We have a large family so we usually were there for hours

I could remember waiting in the waiting room. I can still smell the coffee I would make everyday, just to keep me awake. I didn’t want to fall asleep because I thought I would miss my chance to see my baby cousin. I also remember the day I broke down crying, for the simple fact that I didn’t want to lose him. I started crying out of no where at my grandma’s home, I was staying there for the time being. When I started to cry she asked me,”Chelsee, honey what’s wrong?” I remember telling her “nothing”. She asked me “Its Dooda bug isn’t it?” As soon as I had just stopped crying I started again because I heard his name. I told her “yes”, she said “Chelsee he’s going to be alright.” She almost began to cry with me.

If you were to meet this miracle child or this angel baby, and you saw his scar and were to ask him what happen he will tell you till this very day “My brother shot me.” If you were speaking to his brother and were to ask him where his brother got the scar he would tell you “I shot him.” Dooda is such a loving and playful child. He can be hateful towards you sometimes but that could never mean that he would love you the next day.

Idione “Dooda” Kyles is still alive today. He wears a brace that goes from the bottom of his foot to the back of his knee. He sometimes has trouble walking. He goes to therapy twice a week to help his leg recover. Its not everyday that you get to see a two year old survive an actual gun shot, but I get the chance to see his smiling face at least once a week. I believe miracles do happen.